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Comhaltas Chríost Rí

"The doctrine of the Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ is not simply a doctrine of devotion, it is not a holy card that we carry around in our pockets with Our Lord crowned. Our Lord is king and that has very concrete consequences in political life, in social life, in our individual lives."

About us
Since the early 90's a group of single Catholics in Ireland have been meeting bi-monthly to spend a weekend together with friends who are united in the same Faith. Because of the separation of distance between each other, these weekends serve as crucial reminders that there are others close by fighting the same battle in a godless world. The activities of the weekend revolve around daily Mass, the centre of the Christian life. Conferences and instructions are given by our chaplain and various members serve to educate the group on various interesting topics concerning the faith, morals, spirituality, social doctrine and the liturgy. Last but not least, we dedicate time to various forms of active apostolate and fun-filled activities that everyone can enjoy together! 

Our Mission
The name "Comhaltas Chríost Rí" is Irish for "Association of Christ the King" and thus our aim is to restore the social kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ, abandoned in society today. We strive to establish this firstly in our own hearts and secondly in the hearts of others. This is accomplished primarily by prayer, study, and action - the three principles of Catholic Action* outlined by St. Pius X. Viva Cristo Rey!

Patron: St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows, the patron saint of youth.

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Three Principles of Catholic Action (St Pius X 25 September 1904)

  • Prayer: The members of the group pledge themselves to “re-establish the kingdom of God, first of all in [themselves]” (Pius X, 1942) as it is only by cultivating a fervent interior life that we will have a fruitful apostolate because without the grace of God we are nothing.
  • Study: We recognise that it is the duty of every Catholic to study their faith as, in order to serve God we must know Him and "ignorance is our first enemy" (St. Pius X)
  • Action: Because the love of God is not merely a thought but an act, we devote time to an active apostolate because “Catholics lose more ground by not proclaiming truths than by the wicked spreading lies” (Fr. Fahey, 1994).

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