Legal Abortion Law Voted in at the First Reading in Ireland

December 10, 2018

The legalization of abortion has taken another step forward in the Republic of Ireland, with the vote for a bill in the Lower House on December 5, 2018, completely disregarding the many amendments filed for the protection of life.

The deputies of the Dáil Éireann – the lower house of the Oireachtas, the national parliament – voted 90 to 15, with 12 abstentions, for the bill to legalize abortion, or the murder of unborn children.

The approved text opens access to abortion “upon request” until the 12th week of pregnancy, in the case of a serious anomaly in the fetus or in the case of a danger for the physical or mental health of the mother; This is a first consequence of the referendum held on May 25, 2018, that abrogated the Constitution’s 8th amendment.

“We won, you lost; it hurts, doesn’t it?” declared the pro-choice deputy Kate O’Connell to her opponents. They commented in return by calling this remark “immature and unworthy of a politician.”

The text was adopted after the first reading, disregarding several amendments filed by those fighting to defend unborn children. Conscientious objection will be very strictly limited and supervised, in order to oblige as many practitioners as possible to accomplish acts harmful to the health of the child.

If the text is voted for at the second reading, Irish general practitioners will have the right not to practice this “interruption of pregnancy” if they do not want to, but they will be obliged to provide patients with all the necessary information, so they can have an abortion elsewhere, declared Harris Simon, the Irish Minister of “Health”.

The bill also allows for manipulation of and experimentation on aborted fetuses and authorizes minors to end their pregnancies without parental permission. As for tax-payers, they will have to pay out of their pockets the money that will be used to reimburse abortion.

“Most of the voices of those who voted against abortion in the May 2018 referendum have been ignored,” the Irish Bishops’ Conference immediately deplored in its reaction to the deputies’ vote. How could it be otherwise in a democracy, where numbers make the “truth”.

The bill on the legalization of abortion is now up for examination in the upper house of parliament, the Seanad Éireann.