Legion of St Joseph

The Legion of St Joseph is a newly-formed Irish organisation whose goal is to work for the Glory of the one true God and to make Him known to and loved by souls for their eternal salvation. In short, our goal is to help the restoration of the Catholic Faith in Ireland; we view our mission as being to bring Ireland back to her identity, back to her faith, back to her God.

We have witnessed a catastrophic decline in the Faith in the past fifty years. Without the grace of God and without the truth faith to guide them, people are putting money and empty pleasure first and are reaping the results of this in broken homes, suicide, loss of personal security and safety, apathy, alcohol and drug abuse etc. To those who love God and love their country, this simply cannot continue. It is time, with God’s grace, to turn the tide or at least to do what we can to fight for His cause and for the good of our fellow countrymen and women.

There is an element of mystery about what is happening to the Church across the world, but we can clearly see that the fort is being over-run because it is not being defended. That is; to a great extent the shepherds have not been and are not doing their job of protecting and guiding and being an example of holiness to the flock. If they had been faithful to the truth and to the faith of Christ, it is impossible to imagine that the world would be where it is now.

We don’t want to be a talking shop; we want to do things to make the true faith known, to defend it, to support each other and draw people back to the truth and to support them on that journey. In order to achieve our goal, all the members of the organisation will strive to lead a holy life through devout frequentation of Mass and the Sacraments, through prayer especially the Most Holy Rosary, and through penance; in unbreakable attachment to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, in obedience to her unchanging Faith, manifested in all of her Tradition, in the spirit of obedience to the authorities of the Church according to their fidelity to their office, which is nothing else than to spread the Catholic Faith and the Kingdom of Our Lord.

As it has pleased God to grant all graces through Mary, the Immaculate Conception, so the Legion of St. Joseph will place all of its efforts in her hands that she do with them as she will. The Legion of St. Joseph is entrusted to its heavenly patron Saint Joseph, the Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the universal Patron and Protector of the Church, to the Patron of Ireland, Saint Patrick and to the enemy of modernism, Saint Pius X.

The works especially to be done by the Legion of St. Joseph are the promotion of prayer, penance and true doctrine to lead souls to the knowledge and love of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the full Tradition of the Catholic Church, rejecting the errors of our times condemned by the Popes.

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