SSPX news & events

Virgin of the Annunciation

Fr. Emanuel Herkel gives us a brief commentary on the First Mystery of the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary, the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

A Novena before the Big Step

On 1st April 2017 Mr Thomas O'Hart of Co. Fermanagh will take a definitive step and receive the subdiaconate.

New Crusaders for the Midlands

After more than a year without meetings the Crusaders of Corpus Christi Church finally came together for a renewal of their crusading spirit. On Sunday February 19th, the Crusader day began with a Sung...

Bp. Fellay Discusses Prelature Rumors

In a sermon given in Poland last Friday, Bishop Bernard Fellay commented on the situation between the SSPX and Rome and recent rumors.

Addressing Rumors of SSPX Roman Purchase

There has been a flurry of news in the past week about a supposed purchase made by the SSPX in Rome, prompting unbounded speculation.

Bishop Schneider on SSPX – Vatican Relations

The bishop, a familiar face to traditional Catholics from among the world's diocesan bishops, was interviewed on topics related to Rome and the SSPX. Our analysis and comments follow.

Calling folks who long to go on pilgrimages

Chartres to Paris Pilgrimage Pentecost 2017

Bp. Fellay Radio Interview: Transcript

On January 26, 2017, Bishop Bernard Fellay, answered Fr. Alain Lorans’s questions in an hour-long interview on Radio Courtoisie.

Bp. Fellay: Clarity Needed to Move Forward

His Excellency explains that before the SSPX accepts a prelature, clarity from Rome is needed regarding errors of Vatican II.

Blessing of the Throats

The day after Candlemas marks the feast of St. Blaise. On this day it has been the practice in the Church to perform a blessing of the throats.